The Concept of True Satisfaction

How many of us eat a meal and then… Thirty, maybe an hour or two later, are hungry again? How many times have we as human beings tried to satisfy a fleshy (meaning a bodily need or desire) with something and then find ourselves unsatisfied?? Perhaps, you’ve wondered why that feeling of unsatisfaction is even still there after you’ve done what you felt was needed to fulfill the need or desire.

Can I tell you that, our earthly desires and needs are only temporary. What if I told you that you’ll always be in Need of; because that desire to be satisfied can only be filled with that which created it. Yahweh,God,Yeshua, Jesus, his spirit (Holy Spirit) Period.

Trust me, I personally have tried to fill a few of my own desires… Such as the one to be accepted, the one to loved, the one to be content, the one to be held and adored, with temporary earthly solutions…. And….. Afterwards those needs would still be there.

(Disclaimer: I do not claim to have fully grasped the Concept of Satisfaction in God, He’s still most definitely working that in me.)

I’m pretty sure you all have needs and wants that you have attempted to fill and your mind has psyched you into thinking that it’s been fulfilled.. But then some time later, the need is bombarding your heart again. Yup, we all go through that, because we are All wired the same. In terms of the desire to Need and Want…God is the Ultimate answer.

Let’s take a look at Ecclesiastes 1:2. King Solomon wrote this letter

“Meaningless, Meaningless says the Teacher.

Utterly Meaningless!
Everything is Meaningless.”

Now, reading this head on without further reading of the chapter, would make you wonder why The wealthiest and Wisest man in biblical history made this proclamation. (So I solemnly advise you to read on in your own time)

What this verse in plain terms means is that, everything in life is Temporary and that Everything does Not last or have Any Enduring meaning.

Meaningless in Hebrew is Hebel which literally means Vapor, breath.

Soo that means everything we have, acquired or will get will vanish one day. Our very lives is as a vapor, here today, gone in a second or tomorrow.

Poof💨 like the wind

Now, Solomon was not trying to put a damper on pleasurable things or rain on anyone’s parade. Some people actually enjoy their life with all the things they’ve accomplished and acquired. What Solomon was conveying is that, Everything in this earthly life… Is Temporary. So we Must Not get caught up in Satisfying our earthly vessels.

We do so in so many ways too… We hunger food so we eat (in attempt to satisfy the need to Eat). We crave attention, everyone does, whether you acknowledge it or not… So we do little things in our own way to be noticed. We desire a new car, a new house, A new this or that…. And all that is fine… We just have to remember that we Cannot Expect earthly things To be Eternal. We would be setting ourselves up for spiritual depression.

We have to get an understanding in our minds, that when God gives us gifts on this Earth, or blesses us… That is part of his promise for us to have an Abundant Life. But they are only meant to be enjoyed here, in this temporary land of living. So we must comprehend that when those gifts leave, that it is alright because the giver was so gracious and loving to bestow them on us anyway. When he wants it back, for what ever reason.. We have to be okay with letting it go.

Our satisfaction is supposed to be Found in the Giver, Not the Given.

When we grasp this, we can enjoy life the way God intended, knowing that we’ll always be satisfied in all areas.

(Suggestion: I advise reading the whole book of Psalms, King David, Solomon’s father developed a keen understanding of True Satisfaction in the Lord.)

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