The Final Impression: Crowning

Note: This is the final process of the Uprooting. To get the full message refer back to that previous post.

After weeks of wearing my temporary crown that had felt quite nice in the spot of the previously infected tooth, the day had finally arrived for my permanent crown.

The weeks in advance, I had been speaking about it, thinking about it, being concerned about how it would feel and whatnot. I did what I needed to do to maintain the temporary one. That consisted of flossing around it, not eating tough foods on it, brushing it and so forth.

As I awakened that morning from my sweet slumber, wishing a bit that I could turn over and get more, an excitement hit my heart and songs of praise began to pour out of my lips. The night before I had spoken with my best friend about how I felt that I was getting Coronated and that the crowning felt like a ceremony.

So in gathering my belongings, I headed for my secret ceremony. To many, this will not seem significant, but for me, it’s everything. Especially since these are mainly ways Lord speaks to me. It is a representation of how God will crown me in my faithfulness and obedience.

I sat in the dental office, waiting patiently for the procedure to begin. The dental Hygienist came in and proceeded to remove the temporary crown, which struggled to release itself from my gums. I mean that thing was snug and nestled! (Catch this) Sometimes the temporary things in life will want to stay in place because of its comfortability. So then you must apply that pressure to push it out so the permanent can replace it.

After removing the temporary crown, my Dentist, who in this case will represent The Almighty who is fit for the job, entered the scene to perform the Final Crowning. The dental hygienist will represent the angels that go before God to administer any task they are commanded to.

Even in the placing of the πŸ‘‘, she had to once again apply pressure and shave a bit of it down so that it fit in perfectly with the rest of my teeth. Just as the temporary crown had done.

In my mind, I had entered the throne room of God, was seated in the center of the room, awaiting one of the many crowns he had promised me.

How honored and grateful I felt in his presence.

After the procedure, I had the biggest grin on my face, walked out and went home to get ready for work.

I remember anticipating pain and programming in my mind that if there was the slightest bit of pain, I would not go to work. Well, Abba made sure the Crowning was painless and memorable in a good way.

In life, there are many processes we will undergo, but we must remember, Abba is with us every step of the way and we must Endure the Testing and the Pressure and he will make it worthwhile. The beautiful part is, we will See it.

πŸ‘‘Revelation 2:10πŸ‘‘

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