Identification, please

John 1:12 ~”Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.

A few weeks ago I lost my license and I had looked every where in my car for it and in my place of residence.. to not prevail was it found. I took the necessary measures to obtain a replacement, but it affected me quite emotionally. I had then realized without my license I had no other form of identification. I wasn’t even registered in that state that I currently reside in which was another issue. I began thinking of how if I had gotten stopped by the police, how either two things would happen.. that I’d go to jail for not abiding by the law in carrying identification while driving a motor vehicle, or that the mercy of God, coupled with the favor upon my life and grace I do not deserve would allow the officer to give me a warning let me be on my merry way. I had become so consumed with the time frame it would take for my previous state of residence to send my replacement and the fact that I was unsure what address they’d send it to. In all this I did ask Abba father to place his protection over me and to guard me from being stopped. Every time I drove past a police car, I had my guard up higher, I slowed my speed and I removed my distractions so I wouldn’t be an easy target to follow. I also, started to doubt if my license would even come because on the dmv website it stated that my request was denied. I had called the dmv and inquired why that may have been so and the receptionist stated that my postal address may not match and so therefore it would be returned to the post office. I then began to panic a bit inside because, you see.. our license serves as our access of identification to do many things. I remember wanting to send a simple money gram at Walmart and the sign and the woman at the counter stated that I needed identification. Even a photo copy in which I’d all I had in my possession was not acceptable. It had then dawned on me how much we need our license for and all it serves a purpose for. It reminded me about the access we have in the kingdom of God. Jesus in our heart as our Lord and personal savior was our identification into the kingdom. He is our license to shut even the mouth of satan and to put the devil in His place.. And every other child of God who is Our brother or sister can see our identification by our fruits or actions. It’s a license that is visible through our demeanor and speech. When we go to certain realms of the spirit our ID in Christ gives us access and even the enemy can recognize whom we belong to. Our ID gives us the power to even obtain the blessings God has stored up for us. Access granted. And get this.. your license has to be a Valid one. What makes it Valid? The fact that a believer is Actively and Intentionally walking with Jesus. Meaning they use their ID for kingdom business.. they don’t just have their license and are idle. When a person has a driver’s license they use it for many things.. driving, to buy restricted items, for information to be documented on them, etc. it’s the same in the kingdom of God. Your Identification in Christ shows you Belong to Him.. it shows that Heaven is your place of residence even if you are walking in the earth realm. The difference between the early license and the heavenly license is that, once you obtain the heavenly license through Jesus Christ, you can’t get it suspended, revoked, or lost. Once you have it, your only obligation is to Use it and to Use it well. Knowing this assures me that my Identification in Christ holds a lifetime and eternal value. I never have to worry about it going missing. Thank you Jesus for my Forever Identification. Thank you that even when Satan comes into my path, I can stand proudly and confidently and speak your name and he will flee knowing that I belong to Thee.

I did finally receive my replacement license and It felt good to be able to have my earthly form of ID as well, tho it could never compare to my heavenly one.

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