O When the Saints Go Marching IN…All the Way IN

Hello there,

Well that sounded a bit funny.. I suppose it would for me.. being that I haven’t written to you all in ages. Pardon me for that. My life has been quite the rollercoaster and I should have been sharing it so others can see the mighty hand of God through it all.. Ha. Better late than never..

Well.. it’s March 2021 in case anyone has been sleeping through this year and didn’t know..

This month is quite significant.. I mean this year is for most of us Saints/believers. When I hear the word March… I see believers/saints MARCHING into their Victory, their promise land, their breakthrough, Their New Thing, their IN; whatever IN looks like to them. This is a month to GO ALL IN.. specifically to MARCH.

Sooo prophetically I want to challenge MYSELF especially AND you all to MARCH into Your IN.

For me.. this looks like Declaring, Praising and Marching in my apartment with my bunny babes staring at me wondering what in the world their bun mom is doing, and me just speaking purposefully, prophetically and without a care in the world who is tuning in and Entering IN to all that God has spoken over me, shown me and even things Eyes have not seen out wars have not heard. 1Corinthians 2:9

Biblically, there were many acts that God’s servants did prophetically to cover a certain message to the body of Christ(God) at the time.

Examples are: when the prophet Jeremiah went smashing jars before an audience or Ezekiel baking bread over human waste (yes, poop). There’s also Isaiah who walked around naked for three years. And we can’t forget that one time when God told Hosea to marry a harlot.

Sooo as God’s servant, I feel the unction to share with you a less abnormal/unconventional prophetic act of you Marching into your Victory. However it looks for you to March, do so for the whole month of March.

Spiritually, you’ll be marching right INto Your tailor made appointed Promises. You’ll be marching right on top of the Devil’s head and over any schemes and plans he had in progress, you’ll be marching over doubt, unbelief, old disappointments, old mindsets, etc.

Sooo Saints, put on your Marching boots, your best outfit (my Dance garment) and March On IN through this month.

SN: don’t forget to put on your full armor. Though it is a March into victory, you will be a moving target. Ephesians 6.

Lastly, Pursue is what I heard. So, Ready Set, MARCH IN Saints.. AND Pursue!

Scripture References: Isaiah 43:18, Joshua 6, 1 Samuel 18:16, 2 Samuel 5:24, 1 Chronicles 7:11,Nahum 2:1 and Rev 3:5-15 MSG version

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