Stop playing Patty Cake with God

Disclaimer: This is for the believer who claims that Jesus is Lord and savior over their life; A humble rebuke from holy spirit

(Please don’t shoot the messenger,he already slapped me on the wrist with this)

A relationship with Christ should reflect in your daily life,speech,action. The fruits of the Holy Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness,longsuffering, and self-control.

Disclaimer: I’m going to write this just the way it was given to me.

Pattycake is for children, so if you claim to be a christian, Stop Playing and Be a little Christ…Christlike.

This is for me too, so don’t think I didn’t first get rebuked. God always deals with me first before I release any post.

One day during my lunch break, I decided to sit with a few co-workers that I normally don’t sit with. Usually I sit alone so that I can regroup, talk to God or hear him talk back to me. So, I observed that their conversation was unwholesome and I verbalized it to them and proceeded to remove myself. I wanted to guard my ear gates,but it was too late because their conversation had already passed through my ear canal and into my mind waves. They persuaded me to stay and tried to justify that what they were saying wasn’t not gossip because the person who they were speaking about goes about telling their business anyway. I corrected them that it still was gossip because the person was not there to speak for themselves.

This is where I got rebuked by the Lord. The Lord said, “The moment you noticed their conversation was wicked, you proceeded to rise from the area, why did you sit back down?” The second thing was that I inquired about whom they were speaking about. immediately Holy Spirit spoke and said, bad company corrupts good behavior and Do not let any unwholesome word come out of thy mouth.

I then felt really convicted inside.

I knew better than to be persuaded in that way. The second thing that happened was that I pointed it out to one of the guys about how it was wrong to gossip and they spoke that I chose the wrong table to sit at. I then said in faith, ” is it wrong for wanting to sit with my brothers in Christ? I then challenged his faith and questioned whether he even believed. He became offended that I would even ask. In my mind I was saying to myself, well you do not act like it, so I have to ask..and It slipped out of my mouth in an offensive way. I then forced him to say what his belief was in. He said he believed and I questioned in what, and that he could believe in anything for all I knew. So he sentenced it out that he believed in Christ as his savior. He said so in a mocking way.

I found myself apologizing for challenging his relationship with God.

It wasn’t until later that afternoon that I was replaying the whole conversation in my mind that Holy Spirit was like, okay now..let me show you why you feel convicted.

I learned soo much from that experience that day. I learned that someones’s relationship with God is theirs and It’s none of my business whether it exists or not. That is between God and them. If I can see that there is no fruit displayed from their so called relationship, then that is where I step in and pray for them.

Secondly, I should always trust and listen to the voice of the holy spirit. He knows best and he sees fully what we cannot see. If I had removed myself from the situation before hand, then I would not have been entangled in the mess, my ear gates would have been protected and I would have won over my flesh.

I also learned that God is not to be played with and if we say we are followers of him, then our actions and whole life need to produce fruit and display our following of him. He is not a God to play pattycake with. A relationship with him is to be taken seriously because if it weren’t for Jesus that connection would have continued to be lost. If we claim to profess that he is our Lord and personal savior, then we need to be about that life.

SN: I can tell my relationship with Jesus has grown soo much because the closer I get to him, the more convicted I become of things that do not resemble his character. He is always replaying scenes of my day back to me. A heart of repentance is the best kind of heart to have. It makes room for forgiveness.

welp, that is all I have for you. Allow this word to be digested and downloaded into thy system,Amen.

Get a No in your spirit

Often times we fall into temptation because we simply can’t genuinely say No. And I mean saying No out loud, saying No in your heart, saying No with your spirit.

I can attest to this. I have a hard time saying No. Often times the people pleasing spirit will knock on my door and even when I know something is wrong and my spirit wants to put me foot on the neck of temptation, my flesh will rise up and trump what I know to be wrong.

So one day a friend called me and confided in me about something that happened to the person. And holy spirit began to feed me these words of getting a “No” in your spirit. And I said, this needs to be in a post and I’m going to write it. Now of course I didn’t write it then like I should have. Because I’m still developing that same “No” in my spirit.

My desire to live holy and righteous for God is growing so much. I really can’t stand myself when I fail to say the simple but powerful two letter word No. Sometimes we as children of God say no to God. We say no to good things, we can’t we say no to temptation? And just as easily, also. I do not understand. But, I do know that our relationship with Abba was paid with such a heavy sacrificial price that the really should think twice before yielding into our fleshy desires. Which is why developing this”No” inside us is vital.

It’s a constant on going verbage. This No that I’m referring to is indeed an action. You have to say it out loud and then do what you have to in order to triumph.

Matthew 26:41 says to Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Jesus spoke these words when he was warning Peter about how he would betray him.

What this scripture means is that temptation will come, but even before it does, we are to be praying vigilantly to stay alert and ready to stand strong in the Lord. Our spirit is willing because the Holy Spirit dwells within us.. But our flesh is weak especially if we are not in tune with the Holy Spirit.. Or aware of the temptations that are lurking around.

I once read a devotion on purity that helped me identify how to resist temptation (this isn’t just sexual,as most people may think) Let’s define temptation really quickly.

Temptation :the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.

In Greek, to tempt is peirazó. Biblically it is used in a positive and negative sense depending on the context. It can mean to test or tempt.

But for this post, we will focus on the negative sense.

Temptations come in all forms. But the root come in these three,

: Lust of the Flesh, Lust of the Eyes, and the Pride of Life.

The Lust of the flesh include: Gossip, drug use, physical violence, sexual acts outside of the convent of marriage, etc.

The Lust of the eyes includes coveting something that clearly belongs to someone else, whether it is a person or a thing. See.. II Samuel 11:2.

Lastly, The Pride of Life is the desire to obtain excess greatness or power. This is the one that got Lucifer kicked out of Heaven. So it’s safe to say that God detests this one the most.

A perfect example of all three used in one incident is the scene in the garden of Eden.

Eve’s Temptation by Satan

And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food [lust of the flesh], and that it was pleasant to the eyes [lust of the eyes], and a tree to be desired to make one wise [the pride of life], she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat” (Genesis 3:6).

So there we can clearly the how the enemy attacked and enticed Eve.

Now listen, the world will say that these are all human behaviours and that it’s okay. But read carefully, listen attentively, Once you give your life over to the hands of God, your life is No longer yours. We are now to present our bodies as a Living Sacrifice, Holy and Acceptable unto Him, which is our reasonable service. –Romans 12:1

So.. Back to the Three ways to resist temptation.

Step 1: Draw closer to Jesus.

When Jesus was tempted after fasting for forty days and forty nights, he drew closer to the father. That is what he taught Peter in Matthew 26:37.

Step 2: Remain Spirituality Alert

Matthew 26:38 Jesus teaches Peter, John and James to be watchful of our enemy and even our own sinful desires.

Step 3: Pray so that you won’t fall into temptation

When Jesus was teaching his disciples how to pray, in what we know as the Lord’s prayer.. He states, “Lord, and lead me not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. We are to pray to stand firm against temptation at all times. Not just when we feel temptation lurking.. But all the time. Our Flesh is weak.

Note: God’s mercy is abundant and His grace is Sufficient. He knows that we will fall short of His glory. But, let’s not purposefully fall, let’s not take advantage of His grace. Though we know that his love is everlasting and nothing we will ever do can shorten his love for us, neither cut his love for us off, let’s honor that Great love, by drawing closer to him and actually speaking to him when temptation comes to test us.

We are to pray Before we are tempted, During temptation and especially in repentance after we have fallen into our temptation.

So many times and my own life, resisting was a huge struggle for me. I will be honest and say, I’m still developing this strong “No”. But one thing I do know is that I Can do it. I can stand against the temptations that try to overtake me, the temptations that Try to pull me away from Jesus and my Abba. I can and I will.

So say it with me, No I will not Compromise, No I will not Jeopardize, No I will Not! My relationship with Jesus means too much! The Crown of life will be my Prize, so, No, No, No, I will Not Jeopardize!

How long will you be running,son?

An article by Dr. Ernest Frimpong, Psychotherapist


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How long will you be running, Son?


You find yourself running and running. Every time I hear or read about any young black male running from another black male, from a group of people, or from law enforcement agent, I do not jump into conclusion that he must have done something wrong. However, some intriguing questions that come to mind are: What would verbally or physically prompt the individual to run or be chased by another black male, somebody or a law enforcement agent. If it is a law enforcement agent, I ask myself is this individual not aware of the power, risk and danger of fire arm in the hand of another? More often than not the individual on the run is subsequently shot, wounded or killed.

I want to ask, when will the running and chasing cease? What is precipitating to the chasing or running? Here is what I would like for my young black male to ponder on, please consider the antecedent to your behavior, response and consequence of the behavior. Ask yourself, what am I here for and why am I here in this place for?

Do I have any other option not to choose this route that I am pursuing?

Stop, Pause, and consider your thought, cost/benefit of the running. Examine the past similar occurrence and result.

When will our young black male stop running?

Someone may argue,” You do not understand the reason we run” Listen, assuming no one knows why you keep running, but only you and God know.

But here is what I have for you to consider. You keep on justifying your running, you may be right in your own eyes. You are not Alone in this. Did biblical Jacob not justify why he was running from his brother?

Of course, he had good reason to be on the run. He did something wrong. Did he accept his wrong doing?

You are Not Alone in running. I would like again for you to evaluate your own thoughts.

I want you to stop running and ask yourself, should I keep on running or take a stand and say enough running, done?

Examine the evidence of a number of black young men being killed by another black man, a group of people, or law enforcement agent.

At some point, Jacob had to cease running and face his proverbial lion, as his brother Esau that he had wronged in the past.

My dear young black male, won’t you consider the thought, behavior, cost/benefits of the compelling evidence of young black male being shot each time they try to run away from whoever is trying to chase them.

You still may argue, “You do not understand why we run.” I am taught by my parent to run as fast as

I can.”

I understand, maybe your parents know why they advise you that way. Perhaps they are drawing from experience that, he who is bitten by a snake is afraid of a lizard.


I don’t dispute that, but if you need to run, Run to Jesus.


You will never have to run from or to anyone again.


Exclusive Love

Matthew 22:37-38

Jesus replied: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.

When I ponder on this Scripture, I really wonder what does that actually mean.. Or rather what does that type of love look like?

In this season of my life.. God is doing a new thing, but he never ceases to express his love for me or to teach me how to love him deeper. I’m realizing that my love for him is a broken type love. Let me explain.

David says in Psalm 51:17 My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit ; a broken and contrite heart you, God will not despise.

Every time I think I got things right.. God bends me and reminds me really quickly that I need him and that if I take my eyes off him for a mili second, I won’t make it. That’s where his grace comes in. He knows that I’m imperfect and broken and weak, so he presents his grace which covers me. It blankets me and he becomes strong within me.

Valentine’s day is today. But this time around, God wants all of me. He doesn’t.. Well he has always wanted center stage in my heart. I’ve always tried to give him that.. But I’m not always successful.

I’ve realized that God will stop at nothing to consume me. It may sound crazy.. But why wouldn’t we want to be consumed by all the goodness God contains?

Imagine a field full of all your favorite sweet treats and instead of them hurting you.. They only filled you up and produced unlimited happiness and contentment.

Well that’s how it feels to love God with all your heart, mind and soul. His love for us is so exclusive..He wants us to return the same back.

It won’t always be easy. But God will help you if you ask.

So, still you may be wondering what does it look like to Love God with your mind, heart and soul?

Well.. With our mind, it means that every thought is devoted to glorifying him. And when you begin to think of something negative, you cast that thought away and ask the Lord to replace it. The mind is very powerful, so we are to be mindful of what we allow in it. Once the enemy plants something.. Our attention can easily be displaced from the Lord.

Loving with all our ❤️ looks like when your whole being yields to him. That would be your desires, your passion, your affections, your perception and your thoughts are aligned. Now this too can be difficult because once our heart is set on something, we become determined. So we must guard our heart above all else, for it is what determines our steps.

The next one may be hard to understand.. But it really is simple. To love God with all our soul would be displayed by our actions, in our speech, how we live our life, what we do with our gifts and talents, how we use our hands.. And even how we react to everyday obstacles.

Hey… I know this love seems impossible.. But guess what.. It isn’t. To consciously love this way is to intentional and mindful. Jesus is our example. Though he was both God and man.. He still showed us how we are to love.

Today, Valentine’s day, I chose to do something that I felt honored God and showed how much I loved him. I had in mind that I was doing this for him.. But as usual he showed me that it was more for myself to see him.

I climbed Rabun Bald, the second tallest mountain in Georgia. I love trails and walking and God knows it. So when holy spirit dropped the idea to go mountain hiking, I knew who to ask. I literally have one friend that I’m grateful to climb mountains with.

The climb was steep, it was cold and the worst part was the ground was wet. But, that didn’t stop us.

I was quiet most of the journey because I like to hear the Lord speak.

I could see that this mountain was not like the others which had signs and more scenery. This trail depicted so well where I am currently in my life.. The exact season. I could feel myself wanting to give up.. But I could feel God pushing me and guiding me even tho there were so few indicators of being on the right path.

I had to commit everything to him. My heart, my mind, my all. Only he knew how far the journey was to the very top. All I could do was trust him. No trail map, few indicators on trees, just rocks, wet land, feet treading, and anticipation.

When I finally got to top.. There was so much fog that our view was clouded. The longer we sat at the fire tower at 4,695ft, God began to clear the fog and shine the sun on us.

If I had allowed the negative thoughts to win my mind over, I would’ve lost my passion to reach the top.

God showed so much of who he is to me while climbing up and when I got to the end. He also revealed pieces of me to myself.

It’s in those moments on mountains that I can hear him the loudest and clearest.

I’m so glad to know such Love. Just being able to enjoy his creations shows his love for me enough.

Everything but him fades away when I’m able to feel his presence in that environment. I’m able to let his love consume me and reciprocate it back.

Those are moments we are too hang onto and use to press into his presence. For me it’s the mountain top, for you it may be in the shower or in your closet.

Loving God with everything is have is a command and the won’t always get it right.. But we should never stop pursuing him.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s day. And if no one told you they love you, our you don’t have a significant other.. Jesus is all of ours. He has committed his whole life to loving us.. Unconditionally! And with him.. He loves us daily, not just on a holiday. We owe it to him to Love him exclusively with everything we have, Everyday! 😎💕

Ministry of transparency

Hey Lovely people of God!!! I am feeling very much inspired this day! I can’t really explain it other than I’m happy with how far God has brought me! I am continuously reminded of my old ways, my past constantly slaps me in the face..and I am actually not always okay with it. But, I’m leaving to see it from a different lense. Why? Because it keeps me humble. I’m not saying I am always in a state of humility..I really do try to be.. But I am saying that..God constantly reminds me that I haven’t yet arrived..And you know what..Our past selves are not actually completely gone. That is why we are to renew our minds Daily!  God just used who I used to be as my testimony. As I constantly renew my mind..God uses my past tendencies for his good.


Here, I’ll give you examples. I used to dance at parties, now I dance for the Lord. I used to curse and talk excessively..Now I speak less,but only what God instructs me to say. I used to be a liar and God turned my lying tongue into realness.

God will always use what the enemy has perverted. God is good,therefore he can turn anything good. It’s kind of like that story where everything that man touched turned into gold. God can’t help but use our mess into a message. That’s what I love about Him. Nothing that happens to us goes to waste..nothing!

So, this year, what ever happens, Let the Lord turn it into good!  I guarantee you’ll grow from it, others will eventually be touched by it, it’ll propel you, promote you, motivate others to be transparent too! 

Romans 8:28King James Version (KJV)

28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. 

The Humble transition

Some of you may know that I recently graduated from college, the University of West Georgia to be exact. Life after college is one of the most humbling experiences. It isn’t the easiest either. I actually did get a job right away. Nothing really prepared me for how fast I was going to be let go.I mean I practically prayed for this job..even the way the job was presented was divine intervention. So I felt this was the job I would be doing until my business was booming. Well, I failed to remember that it was still temporary. That because I was called to have many businesses and work for myself..working for someone else would always be for a season.

I failed to remember that God, my heavenly father was still my provider and that even if I were to lose the job I’d be okay. Well even when I got the job, I had a thought in my mind that it was too goood to be true. I felt that the job would be snatched right under me just to teach me what faith and prayer can do. And lo and behold..the job was snatched from under me. And you know what..God still remained true to his promise..He still made sure my bills were paid because the two paychecks I earned were enough to pay for one month’s rent and a little of other expenses.

The transition life…I actually began transitioning from the college life in 2015. I walked that summer..but did not recieve my degree due to failing a course..specifically Spanish 2002. It still didn’t stop me from walking in my victory, I tell you that. But, life as far as where I’d live and how I was going to gather money to retake the course became a burden too large for me to carry. See my lease had ended that summer for my 3 year apt. and that left me with limited options of where to go.  As I continued to trust God.. I finally humbled myself again and reached out to a group of my Christian friends whom I didn’t know if they would be eager to help me. After a nice sit down meeting, all four of them agreed to let me stay there until I got on my feet again. 

One thing I am really thankful for are good friends.  God has always provided my needs for me.  I needed a place to lay my head and that was provided for me.  

Fast forward… In fall of 2016 I was finally able to retake that Spanish course along with a nutrition class that I wanted to take in order to qualified as a half time student. It was the hardest semester of my college years.  I had decided to take the Spanish course online.. I hadn’t thought of how difficult that would’ve been.  I was trying to save the embarrassment of being in the class and maybe seeing old colleagues. 

I struggled so much to the point of tears just to pass that Spanish course. This time though, I utilized every available resource I had for help.  I couldn’t sit with the professor because she taught from another school.  But her cell number was available to us and I called and texted her when I lacked understanding of the material.  I got tutoring from an astounding young lady at my school resource center, who was fluent in French and Spanish. 

That semester, my hard work paid off.  After many days and nights of tears, crying out to the L o r d, sacrifice of my social life, I passed the class with a B.  Something, I never thought I’d see. No one could tell me to wipe The look on my face when I received my diploma… And this time, I was in my own apartment.  

How glorious the moment was!  I praised my heavenly Father so hard that day!  It was indeed my biggest achievement.. And still is to date. 

After that, I can’t say that there weren’t other obstacles I faced… But I now had a different perspective.  Now I had a story to tell and encouragement to pour into someone else.

And.. Was the transition over…., no.  Some people’s transition after college is short.. Depending on the job and housing opportunities that come their way.. Mine.. Is still going.  But I’m learning so much about myself and about others and honestly… We as people will land awesome jobs, live in nice homes, acquire many things to live in this society and to add to our achievements.. But our spiritual life.. Will always be in transition.. We don’t truly arrive until Jesus comes.  

To Transition just means to move from one state to another.. So we’ll always be moving, hopefully higher!  

The Call to Holiness

      As a child, I often heard the phrase  “Be ye Holy “. My dad was a pastor, so it was something expected for him to say.  But as for me,  I did not quite understand what that meant.  I mean, I knew that it was in fact something God had said.  I knew that because God has said it, that alone was the reason it held importance.  Yet, my very life displayed quite the opposite.  

Rebelling against God, my father, and my faith only made holiness a distant concept for me.  Really it wasn’t until the past few years that Holiness became relevant to me. 

The main call for a child of God is to Be Holy.  Let us define Holy according to the Word of God. 

Holy- separated from all that is impure, consecrated to his service. Set a part.  

1Peter 1:16 Be ye holy; for I am holy;

Literally that Scripture means that we are called to be holy.  God isn’t casually telling us to do so.. He is Commanding us to.  

Now the question that must be floating in your mind is.. Is this a one time ordeal? 

Well the answer is no. The Call to Holiness is an everyday commitment, an everyday active duty. 

Just as you give your life to Christ and are now saved.  Once saved doesn’t mean always saved.. There’s an active role on our part to be played. So even in being holy.. There is an active role that we must intentionally play. 

Holiness is not easy.  When I got the Word from God that I would teach women how to live a holy life.. I was taken aback.  I had a flashback of my whole life.. I said, Lord, I’m just now learning what holiness means.  How could you choose me? 

The question was tho, How could he not choose me.  He needed someone who was taught the concept but didn’t understand until it was better explained further. So, I of course received the call. 

It isn’t an easy call as I mentioned earlier. It means that you acknowledge that God has chosen you and set you a part, so you have to do things differently than the world does.  

He has called us Christians to be “a chosen generation, a royal prieathood, a holy nation, a peculiar people” (1 Peter 2:9)

God only commands us to do things that exemplify His character.  He will never ask us to do something that He himself isn’t or hasn’t already done.  He speaks by example.  

Being holy isn’t achievable.  It doesn’t mean we’ll always get it right.  But Papa God gives us the power to obtain Holiness. 

Holiness is achieved through Sanctification. Sanctification is a daily process.  Renewing of the mind is an asset to Holiness. 

1Peter 1:1-2MSG I, Peter, am an apostle on assignment by Jesus, the Messiah, writing to exiles scattered to the four winds. Not one is missing, not one forgotten. “God the Father has his eye on each of you, and has determined by the work of the Spirit to keep you obedient through the sacrifice of Jesus.” May everything good from God be yours!

So what does Holiness mean, in plain terms, you ask?

  • It means sacrificing your fleshly desires daily. 
  •  It means when all the world is participating in certain activities that don’t glorify the King, you are doing something else that is.  
  • It means saying No when your flesh is itching to say Yes. 
  •  It means turning away when one foot swings front wards.  
  • It means rising above when you feel low. 
  • It means literally being set apart and Not trying to Fit in. 

And I’ll close with this.  

You Will, I repeat, you will be challenged. 

Though we are All(God’s people)  called to the life of Holiness.. There are some set aside to actually teach it.  And I don’t claim to have reached anywhere, I didn’t choose this calling or road.  I’m only the receiver.  So with that, I’ll do my best and drop my experiences every now and then.  But really.. Holiness can only be displayed.  Not in words.. But by Action.  

So, feel free and enjoy my story, stay tuned. God had more for me to learn and teach.  


Warrior of God 👑

Father Can you Hear Me

Hello fellow readers!!  It’s been awhile, I know.  I’ve much to say tho.  

A constant question that we believers ask periodically is.. Lord, do you hear me.. Are you even listening?  I can’t even count how many times I’ve asked that myself.. But I do know that every time I feel like he isn’t listening.. That’s when he’s listening the most.  

The Scripture that comes to mind when I write to formulate this post is.. 

Seek God while hes here to be found,
    pray(Call) to him while hes close at hand.
Let the wicked abandon their way of life
    and the evil their way of thinking.
Let them come back to God, who is merciful,
    come back to our God, who is lavish with forgiveness. Isaiah 55:67 MSG

I was having a conversation with a good friend and she mentioned that she didn’t think God heard her.. And that she felt distant from him and He was silent to her cry. 

I can speak for us all and say that we’ve all felt this way in our walk.  I didn’t claim to know the answers.. But that she had to seek him intentionally and eliminate All distractions. 

See the enemy’s plan is to steal, kill, and destroy.  Which means he’ll steal your thought process and have you thinking that God left you in your situations and he isn’t hearing you and that there isn’t any point in continuing your relationship with him.  Then, he’ll kill your desire to even try and rekindle what you had with God through Jesus.  And then finally you’ll feel defeated and worthless which will destroy your heart and will to even keep going on even living.  

But…We have to look at what the Word says.. because that is where the truth is found.  Isaiah said “Seek“. Now… this is where you have to do some digging on what the original form of Seek means.  In Hebrew,  “Seek” means.. baqash (baw-kash‘) which means to request something desired. The cross reference to this Scripture is Psalms 105:4 (Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his presence continually.) 

Now God is always there because He is Omnipresent.  But, the reason Isaiah said to seek him.. Is because sin hides us from him, separates us.  And there is coming a time in this earth where if We aren’t continually seeking his presence.. He will be difficult to find. Sin will have overtaken and fogged up this world making it hard to feel, hear, see him.  So that’s why This “Seekingmust be continuous.
John Piper,  the author of the above article states that,  ” Both the Old and New Testaments say Seeking is a “setting of the mind and heart” on God. It is the conscious fixing or focusing of our minds attention and our hearts affection  on God.”

In other words.. It takes a huge conscious effort on our part to intentionally Seek the Lord.  Though his presence is always with us.. He still has to be sought because that’s part of how a relationship works. 

When seeking God, it takes going through mediators such as the Word of God, the heavens telling his glory, the evidence of grace in other people and going around obstacles.  The obstacles are.. Spiritually dulling activities.  The word of God tells us what destroys our connection and relationship with God.  There are countless distractions that it mentions that could block us from seeking his face.  

Our father knows our hearts and knows who sincerely desires to seek him. When we are weak and are having a hard time with this process.. All we have to do is call out to him and He will help us.  Though we have a part to play.. God still helps is along the way.  He can help eliminate the distractions. We must only be earnest.  

Going back to Isaiah 55:6 and adding another cross reference Job 8:5,(If you will seek God and plead with the Almighty for mercy . . . ”)

   “Seeking involves calling and pleading. “O Lord, open my eyes. O Lord, pull back the curtain of my own blindness. Lord, have mercy and reveal yourself. I long to see your face.”

In closing.. Humility plays a huge role in Seeking God’s face.  We must cast down pride.. Because that will kill our desire in the pursuit of seeking him.  

So when we pray daily.  Let us Ask our heavenly father through Jesus to humble us, give us a broken and contrite heart so we may be able to truly Seek him.  

Those who diligently seek the Lord will find him and when he is found.. There is a great reward.  God is ultimately that reward.  When you have found him.. 

You must believe that He exists and in essence, when you have God,  You have Everything. -Everything Bri Babineaux

The Journey to Purity

I remember literally being a slave to sexual immorality. It wasn’t soo much that my mind was consumed with sex or lust..but it’s like a had a mini treasure box of sexual sin. And I could say it was created when I first lost my virginity or “V”-card as we called it in grade 11th grade.

As a child I grew up in a christian home..I’d say like my peers, but it was rather unlike my peers. I didn’t know anyone else in my age group that had a pastor and a psychotherapist as a dad. I didn’t know anyone else that stressed the bible as much as He did.

{Disclaimer: Rawness of life is being reviled from this point on}

As a kid, I used to have sexual dreams. And not the kind of any “witch rising my back” or a “sex husband”. But more of either engaging in sexual activity or someone doing sexual things to me.

Now I wasn’t aware of any seed planted in me or anything. But even as a child I knew that I should not have been having such dreams or thoughts. I knew that they were not my own thoughts.

I remember when my dad had found out about my dreams. I kept several diaries as a youth. I had always expressed my thoughts and feelings on paper rather than out loud, because people misunderstood me. So I had written a particular dream down and usually I kept my diary in my locker at school. And so this particular day, I had brought it home and my dad had questioned me and asked me where my diary was and I lied and said it was at school. My step mom, who was always going through my things since I could remember blabbed her mouth and told my dad that it was in my book bag.

So my dad asked me to open my bag and I did and there in plain sight was indeed my diary. He questioned me for lying and then opened it up and read it and questioned me some more about the content written.


Now, how could my little childlike mind have thought about all that on my own or had even dreamt up all that on my own? Except that the only possible explanation was an attack on my innocent mind and my future


So after being questioned, He gave me the good ole fashioned butt whoopin. Looking back at that moment and even tapping into my childlike mind, I still wondered why he did not pray with me or explain to me in a loving manner that I should not have been having those images in my mind or dream state. If I were to ask of this day to my dad, I don’t even believe he would be able to answer, being that it was so long ago..and that he probably did what he felt was best to do.

My now self still wonders how a child like me who was sheltered and heavily guarded could even have had those images. The only explanation I was revealed was that it was planted.

Because sin was already in us from birth, we are like an opened wound. Anything is capable of being implanted in our minds if our parents do not take precautions in praying over us while in the womb and continuously even after our birth.

Growing up, my dad used to stress this one particular scripture into all the Frimpong kids’ mind.

1 Corinthians 6:18  Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body.

Now this verse was unfortunately was not engraved in my mind. Perhaps it was, but the enemy still found a way to feed me lies that I did not know enough truth to counteract with.

As a young child, there were a lot of things that happened to me that I did not understand. There were things I did that I did not know why I did, which is why I was always fascinated with psychology.

One thing I remember as far back as elementary school is being introduced to touching by a neighbor who happened to be my older sister’s friend. My sister and I are five years apart so this friend was as well. I had to have been in possibly nine or ten years old. I wasn’t like my peers, my mind really was very innocent. I remember having a sleepover with my sister and her friend. My sister had fallen asleep and her friend whispered over to me and began sharing explicit sexual information about the body. I do not remember exact dialogue, but I remember learning things I shouldn’t have been.

This was hands on learning, not in pictures or any thing like that. She touched me in an area only I touched when cleansing myself. So I went on with life, and still had these sexual dreams occasionally. And still didn’t know how to combat them. I didn’t read the bible much as a child except during family prayer or services at church.

And so because someone older taught me touching was okay even between girls, that is what I pursued to do amongst my childhood church friends. I am a bit skeptical about even going on with this story..honestly..but, And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and I know many other women and even men can be freed from me sharing this.

[deep breath]

And God showed it to me this I sit here and write. I only become free once I release this. It does no good staying in the suppressed part of my mind. He gave me a vision I wrote this, a child will still feel the pain of a needle in her arm whether the doctor inserts it or the doctor guides the child to insert it. Whether I spoke these events that happened in my life in a youtube video or I wrote it, as I have been led to do, it will still make you flinch, but you will still be liberated…as I have been.

So at sleepovers as a child in elementary and middle school, it became a norm to fondle with each other. Sometimes I think back and wonder how many of my old friends’ lives I had altered or even messed up. But I had to remember that it was not my fault that i introduced them to touching. I was only following what had been planted in my child like mind. And my only prayer is that these, now women, know who they are in Christ and know that There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. That is the promise and truth I stand upon now knowing who I am and analyzing my past.

[fasten your seat belts for a fastforward]

So like I mentioned i lost my virginity at the ripe age of 17, which was high school. So lets plumb right into college. This will be a quick summary of my college years.

I started my college years at Middle Georgia College. This was freedom for me. so I had perceived it as back then. I came into college with the mindset that i was going to get it finally right. I was going to finally live for God and keep travel down the road of celibacy. what I did not know was the addiction to sex was about to begin with this new found freedom.

I didn’t have a boyfriend coming in, but there was this really nice guy who persistently pursued me and I finally gave in. I had in fact committed him into God’s hands. I had mad up my mind that he was my husband and I prayed daily for him. He was even a virgin. And so I really got excited. but then the cycle of fornication began again when I seduced him.

Yea, I did. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t the other way around. At the time I hadn’t received the holy spirit yet, so the battle against my flesh and spirit was one sided. My flesh won just about every time. And I had quickly forgotten that sex outside God’s covenant of marriage was a sin. And so I without repentance engaged in fornication daily. It got worse when my ex had broken up with me. .

Lord God, thank you, thank you , thank you for rescuing me

I went on a sex rampage. At one point I had considered myself a nymphomania. It became a thrill, an adventure. And it didn’t matter if I knew the person or had just met them. I was not familiar with every spirit yet, so I had not known that this was a spirit or even the devil’s very plan.

The definition of a nymphomania is a hyper-sexual disorder in which a person has uncontrollable abnormal sexual urges and desires.

It was as if I needed a fix. And if I didn’t have it, I wasn’t happy. Though I smiled and acted as if I were.

All I knew at that time was, no one understood me, that my body was good for one thing, and as long as I was pleasing guys or girls..then I was okay. (lies, lies, lies) Yet, I believed them. I kept my true feelings inside, so I dealt with them thru sex.

So fast forward to my last time being driven by this thing…I remember it like it was yesterday.

October of 2014, I had my last unsatisfying fix. I drank my last series of liquor and I said God, I fully surrender and I don’t want to do this anymore. In a way I felt like I was on my death bed or something. The liquor had poisoned me that weekend. I don’t know why I thought eating hot wings and spicy noodles was okay with mixing shots and liquor. And I found myself in bed, crying out to God that I was done and I promise if He took my pain away that I wasn’t going to go back to that lifestyle again. And God, being the loving father He is..haha..did Not take the pain away. He made me endure and even after praying with my brother in law and sister and Dad..the pain remained until it flushed itself out. I had even gone to the health center and they had diagnosed me with an inflamed stomach  also fancily named as Gastritis.

God was always right there waiting for me to surrender.

The only explanation I have of finally giving him my all, was The fact i thought I was going to die and that this was indeed the last straw. I was getting too old for all that.

From then on my life was never the same. Changed forever. Well it was the start. God stripped me from my old friends..brought me new ones, brought a man by the name of Jonathan William Singleton who not only accepted me and my past but loved me just the way I had always prayed to be loved.

But then…[dum dum duuuuum]

Something happened that I never thought would… I call it..

The Fall

Funny thing is..pride really does come before the fall.

This amazing fellow man and I fell in love soo innocently, like two kindergarten kids on the playground..just for our relationship to be tainted…all because I didn’t think he’d be tempted being a virgin..and I was delivered..being an ex fornicator.

But that is where the enemy came in and we had not stood our ground…

O, but..The Conviction..sweet, sweet Conviction. That is what saved us. We quickly saw where we went wrong..We fell to our knees in contempt and prayed and asked for repentence. There was a few times before then that we fell into sexual temptation and escaped most times.. but failed sometimes. But ultimately that led to the fall. 

Then came the grand day when i decided to dedicate my purity back to God. I had already spoken to him in secret and rededicated myself, but there was a ceremony.

Thank God for a dear friend of mine and her obedience for conducting a purity dedication ceremony through Pinky Promise (a young women’s group for college girls)

I was prompted to do a worship dance before the Lord by the holy spirit and so I danced to Donnie Mcklurkin “Create in Me a Clean Heart) which is also one of my favorite bible scriptures.

I remember studying that scripture allllll week. And the taking the step of faith to worship God through my gift of dance. I had also chosen Jonathan to be the man that escorts me. And for me that was symbolic. He represented my daddy giving me away in marriage.. except he was giving me away to rededicate my purity back to my heavenly father. And it was important that Jon was a part of this ceremony. In a way We were publically making known a vow we both had privately made to our heavenly father. And I knew then that My Abba Father was pleased and honored.

A year later..Jonathan was led by the holy a spirit to have hos own ceremony. After coming back from a leadership conference, He was prompted by Abba God to purchase his own ring and rededicate his purity back to God. 

So now we both wear purity rings as a symbol of the scared vow we made together. And By God’s grace we have not fallen since that one time pride came along. And we daily ask The Lord to cleanse our minds and to keep us humble. And now we have a story to share with young courting couples, married couples, pursing couples, single people, young people in high school and middle school, everybody!

And now that this has been released.. O the Freedom I feel, It feels great to be a child of God.A precious Daughter of the Most High King, And best of all….the devil can’t ever hold this over my head, haha, devil..I’m bold and Courageous and I’m unstoppable!!!

January 19th 2017 Marked a whole year since my purity vow. and God, it feels good to be in the will of God and be in a restored relationship that keeps me falling in love with Jesus all over again and falling in love daily with my Jonny Lovely. 

To God be the Glory, forever and ever.


Where True Beauty Lies

So people say beauty is the in the eye of the beholder. Some may agree that is true, and some may say..well, nah.

This really was just revealed to me. The world teaches that beauty is in your appearance, genetic make-up, features, how symmetrical you are, and so on.
The list really does go on.

But, what if I told you the secret to beauty. Would you believe me?

As I was having my worship time with my Papa God..He began to show me my heart. I of course asked him to, though God can do what ever he wants..but he is polite and a gentlemen..meaning he’ll do something with your permission.

So He began revealing to me, me. And boy was it UGLY. I mean, I had grime in my heart that I had no idea why. You would think having a loving Father, you’d be more honest with him because He’s definitely real and upfront with you.

But nope..I had not been completely real with him. As a heart was stained with UGLY. I had masked my feelings and thought that I could praise my way over them, hide them, just cover them up. But truth is..we have feelings for a reason..emotions for a reason..And we can not avoid how we feel toward something or someone..But we must DEAL with the feelings before they turn into something else UGLIER. Yea, we are going to get down into this deep. I’m going to break it down to you because this is important.

There I sat, while the water ran down my face, bent on my knees, crying, just crying out loud as if I had no roommates. I couldn’t help it, nor did I care at that point. I had always been real with my PaPa God..but lately, I had been acting as if I was strong..I was too busy trying to release this lioness from within that I failed to humble myself like the lamb.

God knew it was a matter of time that I would face my feelings. I kept telling myself not to feel. As if being numb was an answer. That was a lie. Jesus freed me from the bondage of feelings and there I was trying to mask and accept the bondage all over again. So He said, daughter, do you see what this is doing to you..I’m showing you that when you aren’t honest and confessing the truth, it isn’t showing the beauty I have placed in you. I made you Real and upfront for a use for my glory. Don’t taint it by holding back your feelings.

I then came to the conclusion that without Jesus I was UGLY, simple.

The more I cried out, the more I released, the realer I became and the mask began to fall off. The UGLY began to wash off. Whoaaaa…I said..The UGLY began to wash off.

God was giving me a spiritual cleansing and resetting my heart back to Him.

The feeling of brokenness that I felt during the cleansing was a feeling meant to be there. There was a significance in me feeling that way. The word of God says in Psalm 51:12-The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God.

He had me just where he wanted me. And BEAUTY took the place of the ugly.

And that was when it hit me…BEAUTY is found in His PRESENCE.

Yes, that is right..that is the secret. The more real and authentic you are with God..the more you stay in his presence..the more wisdom you acquire from Him..The more BEAUTIFUL you are.

And I’m still learning that. Whatever you want and need can be found in JESUS. Even on my most UGLY days, when I humble myself and come to God..I come out shining with BEAUTY inside and out!


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